Why Nationwide Advice?

When it comes to finding an expert pension adviser, it can be a hassle and time-consuming process to find the right company for you. Here at Nationwide Advice, we can take that hassle away and connect you with a fully authorised and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated pension expert which will deliver advice that would only be in your best financial interest.

The company we recommend is a carefully selected pension specialist who are independent and can search the
whole pension market for the right product for you. What’s best, our service is entirely free.


“People taking professional pension advice accumulated on average 21% more
in pension wealth than those that didn’t”*

– International Longevity Centre


Our Service

Free, no obligation

All advice provided will be free of charge & without obligation.

Independent & unbiased

The company we recommend are independent and provide unbiased advice.

Nationwide service

Our service is available to residents of the UK.

Quick response

We immediately connect you with a specialist pension company.

All FCA regulated advisers

We only ever connect you with FCA regulated advisers.

Advisers can help with

Pension drawdown

Anyone over 55 wanting to access their 25% Tax-free lump sum.

Pension transfers

Advice on whether transferring your pension is in your best interests.

Retirement planning

Outlining your options and helping fully plan for your retirement.

Pension assessments

Fully assessing all of your pensions to check they’re working hard for your future.

UK resident pensions

Advisers can assist with UK based private pensions.

Advisers can’t help with

State pensions

Advisers are unable to help with the basic UK state pension.

Unfunded public sector pensions

Advisers are unable to help with public sector pensions.

Armed forces pensions

Advisers are unable to help with armed forces pensions.

New pension enquiries

Advisers are unable to help enquiries relating to starting a new pension.

Current workplace pensions

Advisers are unable to advise on any current workplace pensions you may have.